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Office bestie? Some think the term ‘work wife’ should be retired

by The 100 Companies

Is the term “work wife” a thing of the past? Forty-five percent of American adults think so. In the 2010s, work wife was the norm but today the term seems dated.

“There’s been a shift towards stronger divisions between our personal and professional lives, partly in response to the intense blurring of boundaries that took place during the pandemic, when we were all Zooming into each other’s homes,” says Julianna Pillmer, professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business.

The benefits are real though. Those of us who have a close friend at work are happier and more successful at work.

Vikki Locke, C2 Communications, The SWFL 100

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Urbie March 6, 2024 - 7:56 am

Sorry, “office bestie” doesn’t capture the vibe of a true work-spouse relationship. A work spouse is not your bestie — they’re the one who finishes your sentences, always knows what needs to be done and, when necessary, does it for you, and otherwise always has your back. That’s not a bestie — it’s a spouse, even though I admit the term isn’t woke enough for 2024.

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