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About the Boston 100

The Boston 100 is a twice monthly e-newsletter that highlights good people, good works and good companies in and around the Boston region. Comprised of former news writers and journalists, we joined our partners around the world to provide 100-word articles and 100-second videos that provide useful news, entertainment and levity.

Boston is a unique city with beauty and history, from the buildings to the people, and we want to bring you the best of it all. We’ll discuss business, events, lifestyle, nonprofits, travel, food and much more. If you’re looking for brief, interesting and powerful stories and videos, the Boston 100 is what you’ve been waiting for.

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About Goodwin Group PR

Goodwin Group PR is one of the principal, regional, public relations firms in the greater Boston market. They work with clients from diverse industries, priding their success on the willingness to expand their knowledge and develop media relations in new territories. Using traditional public relations tactics and new digital strategies allows Goodwin Group PR to be an all-encompassing solution for businesses seeking valuable exposure.

Goodwin Group PR is also well known for their event planning and execution. Although their primary work is with nonprofits to increase fundraising and awareness, they have successfully hosted product launches, instore events, fashion shows, grand openings and more – emphasizing the public relations component of each event to garner brand exposure.







The stories, photos, videos and podcasts contained herein are written by The 100 Companies LLC and its members for the benefit of its members, partners, sponsors, clients and readers. We hope you’ll enjoy our content and share it with other members of your community.

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