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Treat yourself to Pączki Day

by The 100 Companies

No matter what you call it – be it Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras – for those who observe Lent, Feb. 21 is the last day to indulge in rich, fatty foods before Ash Wednesday ushers in a season of prayer and fasting.

Bostonians who know save a special place for pączki (pronounced puhnch-kee), the deep-fried, sugar-dusted donuts traditionally filled with prunes, introduced by the Polish immigrants who settled around Andrew Square (and founded Our Lady of Cxestochowa Catholic Church) in 1894.

Get yours made to order at D.J.’s European Market and Deli at 120 Boston Street or bakeries throughout Beantown. 


– Hannah Van Sickle, The Boston 100

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