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Falling for fall and everything related

by The 100 Companies
Falling for fall

There’s a word I tend to overuse – cozy. I’m always aspiring to feel cozy, to buy cozy things, to create a cozy atmosphere. So, you probably wouldn’t be surprised that autumn is my favorite season. It radiates coziness. What makes it so great? So many things.

• Pumpkin – to taste and smell. I know it’s trendy but just try it in a coffee, candle or even waffles (Trader Joe’s has the best).

• Soft blankets. Any color, any size, I want them all.

• Comfort soup with bread, lots of bread.

• Candles. I always have one, or three, burning.

• Sweaters, socks and sweatpants.

MaryGrace Williams, The Atlanta 100

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