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Acknowledging truths for what they are

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Acknowledging truths

In my corner of Georgia ubiquitous yard signs read “We Believe” followed by a list of phrases, such as “Science is Real” and “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” and more.

I’ve come to realize that these signs need editorial improvement. Why are these phrases meekly couched as personal beliefs when they’re actually self-evident truths? Our Declaration of Independence doesn’t read “We believe …” but that “We hold these Truths to be self-evident …”

Duct tape or paint covering the “We Believe” is the edit needed by these sign owners, to better assert the message and underlying mutuality of these truths.

–  Rev. Paul Knowlton, Esq.

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MrLiberty December 5, 2020 - 1:05 pm

The problem with “we believe in science” for instance, is that science is NOT a singular “truth.” It is a series of ongoing experiments and studies yielding sometimes conflicting results. It is ONLY with OPEN DIALOG, fair and HONEST inspection of the data, FREE SPEECH, and NO CENSORSHIP that we arrive at sound conclusions about what the data seem to be saying. Sadly, most of the folks who have these signs are the very folks who actively support censorship of anything that does NOT agree with the narrative they believe. The recent Danish study of mask wearers and the fact that wearing a mask had virtually NO impact on whether someone got Covid or not, is a great example. Yet masks continue to be pushed because of “science.” Truths are NOT self-evident, as even the word “rights” has been twisted into various meanings by so many, to now mean government-created rights rather than simply natural, inherent rights.

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