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Boston Instagram influencers you need to follow

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Most of our lives revolve around social media. We defer to our online communities for advice on just about everything we do, whether that’s the restaurant you pick this Friday night or the spinning class you take Sunday morning.

Instagram has become a trusted resource due to the volume of influencers providing captivating photos, inspiration, advice and tips. Follow these well-known, Boston-based Instagram accounts to know what to eat, wear or do in the city:

Fitness motivation: @noaddedsugarbyjillian, @maxnottfit
Scenic shots of the neighborhood: @brianmcw, @igboston
Travel inspiration: @blarejune, @blovedboston
City eats: @bostonfoodies, @imdatingfood
Life + style: @kerriemburke, @mackenzienoelm

Devin Thompson, The Boston 100

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